On Voorne are a number of forest areas. The Mildenburgbos and Overbosch are the oldest and best known. Both adjacent to the residential center of Brielle and are open to the public. The estate Mildenburg in the course of the 18th century and expanded by the family van Leyden van Leeuwen. It consisted of a large baroque garden with straight paths, a maze, a theekoepel and some pictures. To make the property productive, much used as coppice. This nature of the South Holland Landscape footpaths are long oak avenues, through a beech forest, dunes and along about a stins greenery. The manor house was demolished and the garden is overgrown. In the estate are still maintained the old lanes. There is also a group of old linden. The pasture under the trees each spring is colored by the many stins plants. An old beech forest is the transition from the estate to a binnenduinbos. A high dune overlooking the beach and the Oostvoornse Green Lake.
The route is marked Wielewaal trail of 2 km. Dogs on leash allowed.

The site Overbosch located on the south side of Brielle and is a beautiful small forest. In the spring under the trees and wood anemone look like no-look. The oak lawns are maintained and further nature's course. Dogs on leash allowed. The Birch Road runs through this area, 4 km and marked. In recent decades on Voorne-Putten some new forests planted. Which have been developed so far that there is almost a mature forest. There are several routes off. The woodlands are located in Hellevoetsluis (Kooisteebos), New Horn (Raven Wood), Simonshaven (Schuddebeursbos as part of the recreation Bernisse) and Spijkenisse (Mallebos).