Sand dunes

Dunes of Voorne

Dunes of Voorne lie west of the village Oostvoorne and are among the most scenic areas of Europe. The dunes are beautiful hiking trails. The dunes are varied and consist of shrubs, dune lakes, dunes, grasslands, and forests.

As a result of this variation are many different living animal and bird species such as deer, blue herons and spoonbills and the fauna are very diverse with such genteh3ianen, Parnassus and orchids. Alternatively, large grazing animals encounter Icelandic ponies and Galloway cattle. These help the South Holland Landscape the dune field open. In connection with the health of the animal feed is prohibited.

The beautiful dune landscape is best viewed on foot. Nature organizations The South Holland Landscape and Nature (for most managers of the dunes) have beautiful trails through the dunes off with lots of viewpoints and information about the sights.

Visitor center Tenellaplas

The Visitor Tenellaplas provides comprehensive information on the dunes. There is a permanent exhibition about the development of the area, the wealth of plants, birds and other animals. There is a shop located in the visitor center where many natural products can be obtained. Dogs on leash allowed.

The Dune Cottages on the border of Oostvoorne and Rockanje is a unique open air museum. Visitors can explore three typical dune farms run by volunteers in their original state are reduced.

Kwade Hoek

The unique Kwade Hoek dunes, north of Goedereede, takes its name from the sand banks, which used to lay off and how many fishing boat sank. Now there are mudflats and salt marshes with creeks that run at high tide is full.

Building here in the spring sea-ringed plovers and their nests. What are the dunes further inland, where the influence of wind and water is less. In the vegetated dune valleys live many species of songbirds, including birds such as the nightingale.