Wireless internet at campsite Gorshoeve

Wireless Internet (WiFi) is available on the site. If you have no computer or laptop you have is not a problem because in our Eetcafé the Sun is an Internet machine with internet access (€ 0.50 per quarter).

What do you need to surf the Internet via WiFi? Your laptop or PC must have a wireless card. Often this is already standard equipment installed. Is not the case then almost always a separate wireless card via a USB port on your laptop or PC connected. This card can rent or buy at the reception. The Wi-Fi network Bunting Farm site is secure. Through a personal login code to access the network. This ticket with your logins on the reception.

Cost of wireless Internet:

  • € 3.00 per day
  • Weekend: Friday-Saturday-Sunday € 6.00
  • € 10.00 a week
  • € 25.00 per month
  • € 50.00 per 3 months
  • per season (1 April-October) € 75.00
  • rent WiFi network cards € 0.50 per day
  • wifi network card € 30.00

How it works:> through the Start menu, go to Control Panel> you choose Network Connections> select wifi tower 1 or 2 (you will naturally work signal is stronger)> after the network is found, you can use your logins on the Internet Even the following important notes: If you have ADSL at home do not expect the same speed on the site. The network is fast but if many users at once, the less work than usual. It is not a network that aims to very large files (like movies, large music files, etc.). With excessive use of a particular user, we are forced to limit bandwidth for that user. Basically, everywhere at the reception site. The quality of the connection is highly dependent on your equipment, the weather and the presence of trees and shrubs between your equipment and the tower. In clear view of the mast, the optimal reception.